Tackling violent crime will be the top priority for the new Metropolitan Police commissioner, even if that means a rise in stop and searches.

Cressida Dick, who took up her post on April 10, said the recent rise in gun and knife crime in London is a "huge concern".

Her comments come after the Met released figures last week showing a 24 per cent rise in knife crime and a 42 per cent rise in gun crime in the last year.

Ms Dick, the Met’s first female chief, said the decline in the use of stop and search powers was very "very positive" but they were important when it comes to knife crime.

She said: "I think it is an extremely important tactic and an extremely important tool properly used.

"When the officers are acting lawfully, courteously and are held to account, I will absolutely support them.

"If in the fight against knife crime, the numbers of stops and searches go up, then I will be supporting them in that as well."

Police forces in the past have been found guilty of not following the rules when it comes to stop and searches and black people are often targeted disproportionately.

The police commissioner addressed the issue of funding cuts and admitted there would be more in the future.

She said: "The Met has taken £600 million out over the last few years.

"That is a lot of money. If there are services we have to cut back on, I will be upfront about that and I will explain why."

She added: "I am not saying officers won't attend (a burglary).

"I am not saying that we won't assess it. Of course we will. We will take a first report and we will look at what we have got and we will try to support the victim in whatever way we can.

"But we are not going to go in for meaningless activity."