Last year an estimated six million Britons planned an overnight stay during Easter making it prime time for burglars to strike.

London is one of the most vulnerable cities so to avoid becoming a burglary victim while away on holidays follow six simple rules:

Lock all doors and windows

This may be obvious to most but happens surprisingly often. Leaving doors or windows open is an open invitation to burglars so always check before you head off on your break.

Avoid hiding an extra key

Many people still leave a spare key outside their home. According to security firm Ring: "This is a bad habit and a major security risk.

"Your key is never hidden as well as you think it is and experienced burglars will know all the common hiding places.

"If you have arranged for a neighbour or friend to check your post whilst you’re away, lending them a spare key is a far safer alternative."

Make it look like you are at home

It is rare for burglars to strike when they think someone is home so maybe leave an environmentally friendly light on and have a neighbour come over and bustle about for a few minutes.

The Met Police advise leaving radios or lights in your house on a timer to make the property appear occupied.

Visible Security

Merely having a visible alarm or a security sign on your home will keep the burglars at bay. Install good automatic outside lighting to make it as difficult as possible for a burglar to approach the property.

Get someone to move your post

If you are away for a few days a sure giveaway is your post sitting outside the door. Get a neighbour to move it to avoid being targeted.

Avoid telling the world about your empty house

You may love posting on social media about your holidays but you are also broadcasting to the world that your house will be empty. Either avoid doing it or have good security on your SM accounts.

And most importantly, enjoy your holidays!