Two people have been arrested following an attempted abduction at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

A couple attempted to enter a ward and reportedly showed staff members a photo of a premature baby in an incubator, which they claimed was theirs.

Police were called at 2pm on Monday (March 6) after the information given by the couple did not match the hospital records.

Officers arrested a man, 31, and a woman, 25, on suspicion of conspiracy to commit child abduction.

They were taken to a central London police station and have been bailed to a date in mid-April.

A couple matching the same description as the man and woman that have been arrested and bailed, also attended the Royal London Hospital enquiring about a baby on Friday, March 3. They subsequently left. 

Inspector Paul Clarke said: “The actions of the staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital in making all of the necessary checks and the quick response of police in arresting a couple prevented what could have been a very frightening and harrowing incident.”

A spokeswoman for Great Ormond Street Hospital said: “Thankfully, this type of incident is exceptionally rare. We are pleased that staff at the hospital acted so swiftly and calmly to ensure the safety of all our patients.”

Enquires into the incident continue.