A graffiti artist has adorned a mural wall in a Molesey park with a very unconventional portrait of President Trump.

Lee Green, 46, from Walton, collaborated with fellow artist Cab 69 to create the artwork in the Neilson Recreation Ground, just off of The Wilderness.

The pair attributed the painting to the club RFK (Run for Kover), a group of artists who began spray painting in 1986.

Mr Green’s latest piece is a response to the surge in hostility towards President Trump after he imposed a controversial policy temporarily banning citizens of seven specific countries from entering the U.S.

The mural took four hours to complete, and has proved a big hit with the locals.

Although the piece is not likely to go down very well with the President himself, all of the art produced by artists in the RFK group is “above board” according to Green.

“We have families, kids, marriages and mortgages. We don’t do anything illegally”, he said.

The RFK use a variety of platforms to showcase their work, with everything from “house interiors to nightclubs” becoming canvases for their statements.

Since founding, the RFK has undertaken a vast amount of fundraising for the Do1Cancer events, including contributions to murals painted beneath Waterloo station, organised by Charlie Pugh.

Your Local Guardian:

Another Mr Green's murals 

The group will be painting in the same location again next Saturday to honour a deceased friend.

Green intends to incorporate more political messages into his work in the future, taking inspiration from “spur of the moment” events.

Lee Green’s Trump piece is the latest in a movement of satirical Trump art, which has spread on an international scale following the 45th President’s inauguration.