Croydon Health Services NHS Trust has gone 12-months without a single case of hospital-acquired MRSA.

The last case of MRSA, a blood stream infection often picked up and spread in hospitals, was recorded at the trust on March 2, 2011.

Acting Chief Executive Tony Leonard said: "Staff can be rightly proud of this achievement.

"It shows how far we have come in infection control since the financial year 2007/08, when we recorded 14 cases.

"Controlling and preventing infection is a major part of what we do all day every day, in hospital, in theatres, in clinics and in patents’ own homes and it is a real team effort which has led to this success."

To reduce the spread of MRSA, the hospital has screened nearly all patients on admission, enforced rigorous hand hygiene practice and deep cleaning of wards.

However the hospital did record 27 cases of Clostridium difficile (C.diff), a bowl infection, down from 174 cases in 2007/8.

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