The search has begun for the Croydon Champions of 2012.

The campaign was launched by the Croydon Guardian and Croydon Council in 2000 to find Croydon’s true heroes.

The awards highlight the amazing stories of ordinary residents in the borough doing extraordinary things for others – often for little or no reward.

In 11 years we have had more than 1,100 nominations and awarded 70 awards in 10 categories.

We have entertained more than 3,000 people at the awards ceremony which over the last few years has been held at the Hilton Hotel off Purley Way where guests have listened to the Royal Russell orchestra and a host of special guests.

Winners from last year’s Croydon Champions awards include Undercroydon who were named Arts Champion for transforming the borough’s underpasses by painting bright murals.

Community Champion Dan Hicks was recognised for organising the clean up in Croydon following the August riots and Croydon schools’ sport legend David Lomas, was given a posthumous Sporting Champion award, in recognition of his contribution to the borough’s sports teams.

Croydon Guardian media sales manager Kate Price said: “Every year we hear some truly uplifting stories about those people within the community who sacrifice their lives to make life for others more bearable.

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