A man who sexually abused three girls and secretly recorded himself raping one of them 10 years later has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Clifford Lown, 49, of St Leonards Road, Epsom, was handed the sentence today at the Old Bailey.

He was found guilty of all charges, banned from working with children for life and was told he would remain on the sex offenders register indefinitely.

Previously, the court heard how Lown had blackmailed a woman into sex by threatening to report her to social services and have her children taken away.

The videotape only emerged after the victim went to police and accused him of sexually abusing her between the ages of 12 and 14 in the mid 1990s.

Lown handed the recording to his lawyers after she denied they had an affair when she was in her early 20s.

The woman, who cannot be identified, was then forced to admit they had sex but said she had been too ashamed to admit it.

Lown was found guilty of two counts of indecency and three counts of rape relating to the first victim between 1993 and 1996 and a fourth count of rape in September 2004.

He was also found guilty of indecency with a child and five counts of indecent assault on his second victim between 1987 and 1994 and of sexually assaulting a nine year-old girl in October 2010.