A Wallington shopkeeper prevented from displaying his wares outside his shop has received a volume of support.

Sutton Council ordered Mustapha Suleyman, owner of Pricebusters on Woodcote Road, Wallington, to stop displaying his goods in the street.

The reason given by Councillor Jayne McCoy, executive member for planning, economic development and housing at Sutton Council, was possible problems for elderly residents and parents with small children and prams who use Wallington High Street.

However, a petition Mr Suleyman set up to challenge the decision has received more than 2,200 signatures, many from his elderly and disabled customers.

Tim Crowley, deputy leader of the Conservative opposition, said: “In my view it is apparent that the ward councillors are discriminating against Mr Suleyman’s business especially when there are other shops and cafes which have larger pavement displays than are outside his premises.

“I would like to ask Councillor McCoy, who after all is the head of planning and business development in the borough, to show me the objections she has against Mr Suleyman’s business.

“Isn't she meant to be promoting business in the borough rather than hindering it?

“Does the deputy leader of the council, Colin Hall, think this is an appropriate way to treat someone who is providing employment and generating revenue within his ward.

“This in my view is an outrageous use of councillors power, one which needs to be changed and changed now.”

Councillor Janet Lowne, vice chair of Sutton Council’s licensing committee, said: “Wallington High Street has just undergone an extensive refurbishment to make it a more pleasant environment for shoppers and traders, and as part of this the local committee felt that it was important to keep the street clear.

"There are some cafes in Wallington High Street which have pavement licences that allow them to put tables in the street, but we have not granted any licences to shops in this area to allow them to display goods outside.

“Mr Suleyman has every right to present a petition to the council, and once he presents his petition to us it will be looked at thoroughly by the relevant committee.”