Essence nightclub owned by Franco Lumba has been evicted from its riverside venue.

Bailiffs entered the Kingston club yesterday, seizing property before taking forfeiture of it on behalf of owner John Lewis.

A note on the window of the club, dated April 17, and signed by Mr C Van Zyl on behalf of John Lewis, said: "Any attempt to re-enter the premises will be treated as trespass on your part, which may result in criminal proceedings."

No reason was given on the notice for the ending of the lease which dates back to January 2007.

Nobody was answering the phone at the nightclub today, which has the motto 'through difficulties to the stars' emblazoned above its entrance.

The move is the latest setback for Mr Lumba’s nightclub business.

The St Margarets businessman, who also owns Kingston's former Gala Bingo Hall, was not believed to have been there during the eviction.

Only three weeks ago his lawyers invited residents to a meeting to be held in Essence to try to win support for his controversial Kingston Arena redevelopment.

Mr Lumba’s lawyer Julian Skeens was unavailable for comment this morning.

A spokeswoman for John Lewis said: "We can confirm that we have forfeited the lease for the building which has been operating as Essence Bar.

"Due to ongoing legal proceedings we are unable to comment further at this time."