A prominent Streatham businesswoman could face thousands of pounds in fines for having unauthorised signs above her venue Hideaway.

Manager Frances Strachan has been left outraged after the council told her to take down two illuminated signs above the cafe and workplace next door.

Ms Strachan received a notice, dated August 24, warning the unauthorised advertisement fell foul of the Town and Country Planning Act.

It said failure to remove the sign could result in a maximum fine of £2,500 on conviction plus £250 for every day she failed to remove the sign.

Ms Strachan said: “It is outrageous. The council is meant to support new business.”

She said a council officer informed her a resident had complained light from the signs kept them awake at night.

She said: “One person moans and they tell us to pull down our means of advertising. It is nonsense.”

Businessman Lee Alley said: “I am utterly appalled. Here is someone who is putting money into Streatham, providing employment and doing a beautiful job. Then the council does this. It is not on.”

A spokesman for Lambeth Council said: “We want to support businesses but people have to respect planning regulations that are there for a reason.

This is an illegal advert that does not have permission and that a neighbour has complained to us about.

“We want to arrive at a solution with Ms Strachan and are keen to advise her about what type of advertisement would be acceptable.”

The Hideaway Jazz Cafe received acclaim since opening and was voted venue of the year in the Parliamentary Jazz Awards in 2011.