A “callous and prolific” thief has been jailed after pickpocketing a 91-year-old woman.

Sharon Sinclair, of no fixed address, had 60 previous convictions for robbery and theft before appearing at Inner London Crown Court on Wednesday.

The 40-year-old pleaded guilty to two offences in June as the court heard how she grabbed money from a cash point on Brixton Road, struggled with the cardholder, and ran off on June 6.

Less than three weeks later on June 24 Sinclair pick-pocketed cash from a 91-year-old woman on Hillyard Street, off Brixton Road.

The judge sentenced Sinclair to 32 months for robbery and 14 months to theft.

Detective Constable Darren Francis, who led the investigation for Lambeth police, said: “Sinclair is a callous and prolific thief with no scruples about who she targets.

“This sentence will hopefully go some way towards making Lambeth a safer place for its residents and visitors.”

Police have asked the public to be wary of people looking over your shoulder at cash points, distracting you while attempting to steal cards or talking you into re-entering the PIN while watching.

Call the police on 101 or contact the bank if you suspect a device has been placed in a cash machine.

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