MP Chuka Umunna and Diane Abbott, Shadow Minister for Public Health, addressed people in a treatment centre for recovering alcoholics this month. Mount Carmel, in Aldrington Road, Streatham, provides abstinence treatment for men and women recovering from alcoholism. Mr Umunna said alcoholism affects communities, and those affected should be helped to improve their lives. He said: "It’s great that Diane could come to our area to see the hard work being done in our area to combat alcohol addiction. "Alcoholism has a corrosive effect on our communities and many people will know at least one person whose life has been mired by this addiction. "The toll addiction has on individuals and our communities is incredibly serious and we must make sure those affected can be helped to improve their lives." The organisation runs three and six month programmes, made up of group therapy and one-to-one counselling sessions. It involves a 12 step treatment plan, while yoga and meditation are also included. Visit for more information.