Top Gear daredevil Richard Hammond is supporting a new website on brain injury launched by a leading children’s charity in the field.

The Brain Injury Hub website has been created by The Children’s Trust, based in Tadworth, which houses the country’s largest paediatric rehabilitation centre for children with an acquired brain injury.

The website provides information and support for parents and family members of children with such injuries.

BBC presenter Hammond, who suffered a serious brain injury himself when he was involved in a car crash while filming in 2006, is urging people to visit the website.

He said: "A brain injury can leave a child with lifelong challenges, both physical and mental, and their parents will desperately need support and information.

"That hasn’t been widely available before, but now the Brain Injury Hub will be a vital resource for thousands of families across the UK.

"It combines the charity’s clinical expertise with contributions from parents sharing their own stories and a forum where parents can talk about their own experiences.

"If you know the parent of a child with a brain injury, please tell them about the Brain Injury Hub.

"It could help the whole family overcome the serious challenges they may be facing."

To see the website visit