Community leaders are preparing to hold crisis talks to save an ailing pub and children’s centre.

Councillors and residents, joined by town centre manager Angelina Purcell, are being invited to meet at the White Lion pub on Tuesday, June 26, to consider its future in Streatham.

The pub’s owners have admitted the business, based in Streatham High Road, is in dire straits and could close within six months.

Ms Purcell, who was famously reprimanded by Lambeth Council for defending the town against accusations it was a “s******e”, said she hoped to obtain money for the pub by reclassifying it as a community centre.

She said she was committed to ensuring its survival and would be speaking with the Mayor of London’s office to discuss funding opportunities.

She said: “It would be such a shame to see this unique and fabulous community facility lost from the high street due to lack of people and groups wanting to use it.”

Despite holding weekly music and dance classes for children through his charity Music4Children, pub landlord Oz Bayldon claimed he was losing money every day and has experienced little support from residents.

He said his successful record attempt to play the world’s highest gig on Mount Mera in Nepal last month had raised the pub’s profile, but had failed to generate long-term interest.

He said: “We want to get in touch with community groups and ask what they want from the White Lion. Either they do not want it or we have to change our approach.

"We are getting lots of offers to do what we do here in other places.

“We are continually trying to reach out to the local community but our hand is not being grabbed.”

Two public meetings will be held at the pub on Tuesday, June 26, at 2.30pm and 7pm.

For more information contact Oz Bayldon on