Two homeless people with “acute mental health issues” have been evicted from a council-run car park where they slept rough on makeshift beds and ate on patio furniture.

The pair made camp in the Peel House car park, used mostly by customers of the Sainsbury’s supermarket in London Road, Morden.

They were first spotted by residents in February when they pitched up with duvets, pillows and mattresses.

In the last couple of weeks they even set up their own dining area, with patio furniture consisting of tables and chairs, a stone’s throw away from Merton Council’s headquarters in the Civic Centre.

But the area was cleared on Friday morning after the council secured an eviction order to remove the man and woman, who are known to homeless outreach groups.

A Merton police spokesman said: “Those sleeping in the area have now left.

“Merton Council have cleared all debris from Sainsbury’s car park and no one has returned.

“Excellent team work – huge thanks to all involved.”

Official Government figures estimated there were only two rough sleepers in the borough last year, but a Wimbledon Guardian investigation in March found that figure to be up to 10 times that after uncovering a number of well-known homelessness hot spots in Morden, Mitcham and Colliers Wood.

A Merton Council spokesman said the eviction was made after four complaints were received from residents and car park users.

He said: “The eviction is a result of successful partnership between the council, police and the courts.

“Our waste services team has cleared rubbish that was left behind by the squatters.

“The council and police will continue to monitor the situation.

“One member of the group was given an antisocial behaviour order, preventing the person from being in Morden town centre.”

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