The co-founder of the Putney Society died last month aged 95.

Richard Newton, who lived in Crestway, Roehampton, for 56 years died peacefully in his sleep on April 21.

Mr Newton moved to Roehampton in 1952 from Brighton and worked as a civil servant dealing with inheritance tax and then national savings before retiring in 1976.

As a Quaker he was a conscientious objector to the military service, and a tribunal during the Second World War decided he did not need to do military service as his job was a reserved occupation.

He was a keen gardener and in the Roehampton Garden Society, with a passion for music and antiques.

Mr Newton moved to Red Oaks Care Home, Henfield, in 2008, where he passed away at 8pm in his sleep.

He is pictured at his grand-daughters wedding aged 93, and left behind two children and four grandchildren.

His son John Newton said he remembered his father spending a large proportion of his spare time on the Putney Society, with the co-founder Peter Gerhold.

The pair set up the society to prevent a tree in his road being felled, with members having their first meeting in the Fox and Hounds in Putney on November 10, 1959.

About 20 people attended the meeting, with a second meeting taking place in Lady North Hall, Ravenna Road, Putney, for the formal inauguration of the society.

Mr Newton was vice-president until 2008.

The following year a 50th anniversary celebration of the society took place and hewas awarded a vote of thanks and honorary membership.

John Newton said: "He was a reserved gentleman and an honourable man. He had a number of friends and acquaintances."

The Putney Society is still going strong and has often acted as a voice for the community campaigning on a variety of issues including air pollution, the Thames tunnel and planning issues.

It is a registered charity, run by volunteers who donate their time to enhance Putney heritage and community.

Mr Newton's funeral is taking place in Woodvale Crematorium, Lewes Road, Brighton on May 3, at 3pm.

Anyone who wishes to attend should contact John Newton on 01444 243 635.

Donations to The British Hearth Foundation or to Action on Hearing Loss will be accepted, with a request for no flowers.

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