Residents who face being kicked out of their homes after Lambeth Council decided to sell off their properties claim they have been “betrayed”.

Campaigners said the decision to force tenants out of their homes contradicted the council’s “co-operative” ethos.

Jonathan Bartley, Green Party candidate for the Lambeth and Southwark seat at the London Assembly, said: “Instead of supporting housing co-ops, the ‘co-operative council’ is selling off property, letting people down and leaving people in Lambeth with less-affordable housing.”

Opponents alleged the council chose to sell off its “short-life” housing stock as part of a quick cash-raising initiative.

They also claimed some residents have given up possession of their homes and signed on to the council’s social housing scheme, Choice Based Lettings, only to have their new home choice withdrawn.

Carl Imthurn, a member of the now defunct Gipsy Hill co-operative, said: “It is a betrayal. Somewhere along the line, it just came down to money.”

The council insists the co-ops were intended as a “short-term” arrangement and has said it can no longer afford to invest in the housing stock.

Last month, a group of residents were kicked out of Ranger Mansions in Jasper Road, Gipsy Hill, after a nearby shooting.

It is understood one disabled man, who did not want to be identified while court action is ongoing, was now living in a £280 a week hostel paid for by the council while officers attempt to re-house him.

The council claimed those living in its co-ops never had “formal status” as residents.