The campaigners aiming to reinstate the axed N213 night bus recreated the route in a special protest last night.

The N213, the only night bus running between Croydon and Sutton was cancelled by TfL on July 4 because it says the route is only used “lightly”.

Campaigners fear vulnerable Sutton youths will be forced to take unlicensed cabs or walk home after a night out in Croydon.

They are also concerned Sutton residents working in Croydon’s clubs and bars will have no way of getting home late at night.

Laura Wheeler, 22, a university student from Sutton started the campaign on facebook with her sister May, attracting over 4,000 members to their protest group.

Many joined in the latest demonstration boarding the red London bus at 9pm on Tuesday and decked it out with posters saying “Save our n213” and a loud sound system.

The sign on the front of the bus read: N213 Cancelled.

The protestors travelled the night bus’s route getting a lot of attention from local residents.

One of the campaigners Andy Sweeney, wrote on facebook after the event: “Just got back from the third N213 protest.

“I followed along on my bike trying to keep my sign upright. Good turn-out - great that people still care and are willing to come out in numbers.”

Miss Wheeler said: “This was by far the best protest we have had. A big thanks to everyone who came and also to Tom Brake and Kingsley who lent us the bus. I really hope that we will get the bus back and our voices heard.”

This is the third protest the campaigners have organised. Hundreds of people met in Wallington Town centre to protest at the beginning of July.

The dynamic group of young people also attracted the attention of London Mayor Boris Johnson when they organised a demonstration front of Fairfield Halls during the Mayor’s question time at the end of July.

They handed him a petition and asked him what he was going to do about the problem. He promised to look into the matter.

Miss Wheeler said: “We did get a letter from Boris Johnson but he just paraphrased what TfL have already told us. We are hoping this big protest will get a lot of attention.”

Sutton MP Tom Brake and Councillor Steve O’Connell, the Sutton and Croydon member of the Greater London Assembly, have also pledged to support the campaign.