It seems like a tall order but one highly caffeinated Californian is on a mission to visit every Starbucks shop on the planet.

Winter, 37, a freelance software engineer, has already taken lengthy coffee breaks in Japan, Lebanon, Turkey - and Cheam.

In fact, he has drunk his way through more than 9,100 chain stores over the past 12 years, spending an estimated $100,000.

He now faces a race against time to tick off another 3,000 around the world before the company closes outlets during the recession.

Winter began his European “Starbucking” grand tour last month and recently made pilgrimages to Sutton, Croydon, Clapham, Epsom, Raynes Park, New Malden and Barnes.

His ground rules for the visits are simple. He must photograph each store and sample its coffee, usually a 40z tester cup, procured by showing baristas his press cuttings.

Winter, who changed his name from Rafael Antonio Lozano Jr, said: “My original motivation was simply to accomplish something singularly unique.

"However, since that time, I have discovered many joys in the travelling and the challenge of my mission, and they help keep me going despite the ever-increasing difficulty.

“I finally encountered my first licensed store in England at Sutton train station.

“At another store, in New Malden, the very pleasant manager, from the Middle East, alerted me to the fact that Egypt has nearly 50 stores now.

“Holy crow, I really want to get to Egypt, but making my way to all the stores is going to be quite a challenge.”

When not negotiating the suburban train network, Winter averages about 20 shops a day.

He once drank 29 cups of regular brewed coffee in 24 hours - and felt awful.

After another fortnight in the UK the coffee tourist, jittery and trembling, expects to move on to Spain, Portugal, Germany and Romania.

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