The best performing primary schools under the Sutton local authority in the Key Stage 2 tests have been announced.

Primary school league tables are now out for 2017 with schools ranked by what percentage of its students are meeting the expected standard.

The expected standard is based on a series of national curriculum tests at the end of Key Stage 2 which take place for mathematics, English reading and English grammar, punctuation and spelling.

A student's raw score is then scaled because despite tests being developed each year to the same specification, the questions are different and the difficulty of tests may vary.

Once a score is scaled it will fall somewhere in between 80 (the lowest score) and 120 (the highest score).

Students scoring at least a scaled score of 100 will have met the expected standard of the test with a score of 99 or below meaning the student has not met the expected standard.

The Government has now published the results, ranking schools by the percentage of pupils meeting the expected standard.

Based on those rankings it was Nonsuch Primary School that came out on top.

Nonsuch Primary School head teacher Sue Hawker said: "Through all the efforts of everyone in our community, I am delighted that we have achieved such a wonderful outcome.

“Well done children!”

Executive head of Cheam Common Junior Academy, Phillip Hedger, said: "Our staff and children have worked incredibly hard in 2017. We are very proud of their fantastic results.

"Following the support we have received from the LEO Academy Trust, they are a great reflection of the high standards at Cheam Common and the excellent progress our children make."

Here is the breakdown of the top performing primary schools under the Sutton local authority.

1. Nonsuch Primary School – 90 per cent

2. Cheam Common Junior Academy – 87 per cent

3. Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy – 87 per cent

4. All Saints Benhilton CofE Primary School – 83 per cent

5. St Elphege's RC Junior School – 83 per cent

6. Stanley Park Junior School – 83 per cent

7. Hackbridge Primary School – 82 per cent

8. Muschamp Primary School and Language Opportunity Base – 82 per cent

9. St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School – 81 per cent

10. Manor Park Primary School – 80 per cent

11. St Mary’s RC Junior School – 80 per cent

12. Westbourne Primary School – 80 per cent

13. Avenue Primary Academy – 79 per cent

14. Robin Hood Junior School – 77 per cent

15. Harris Junior Academy Carshalton – 76 per cent

16. High View Primary School – 76 per cent

17. Beddington Park Primary School – 74 per cent

18. Bandon Hill Primary School – 73 per cent

19. All Saints Carshalton Church of England Primary School – 71 per cent

20. Barrow Hedges Primary School – 71 per cent

21. Foresters Primary Schools – 71 per cent

22. Holy Trinity CofE Junior School – 69 per cent

23. Devonshire Primary School – 68 per cent

24. Abbey Primary School – 63 per cent

25. Cheam Fields Primary Academy 63 per cent

26. St Dunstan's Cheam CofE Primary School – 61 per cent

27. Tweeddale Primary School – 60 per cent

28. Brookfield Primary School – 58 per cent

29. Green Wrythe Primary School – 57 per cent

30. Dorchester Primary School – 53 per cent

31. Rushy Meadow Primary School – 53 per cent

32. Culvers House Primary School – 51 per cent

33. Amy Johnson Primary School – 49 per cent