A mum from Sutton who wrote a song for her daughter while battling breast cancer will hear it performed at Covent Garden this weekend.

Laura Folley, 53, wrote the song called "A Mother’s Prayer" which is about guardian angels watching over her fourteen-year-old daughter Abigail .

She said: "Since being diagnosed the thing that worried me the most was my daughter. She is such an amazing child.

“I didn’t think I would die imminently but we all hope we will die before our children. I speak for all mothers that when our time is up we hope our children will be ok.”

Laura was given the all-clear that she had beaten the cancer in July this year.

Before surgery, a chance encounter with a family friend inspired her to write the song.

Laura said: “It is an extraordinary story of coincidence. This woman told me about this group of nine solo singer ladies called Seraphim. She was a director and she said she would love for me to write something for the group. I drove home and had ideas."

Laura recalls being on the operating table yet not feeling frightened because her head was consumed with writing the song, which will be accompanied by a harp and flute.

Seraphim will host their concert at St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden this Sunday (November 19).

“I am both terrified and excited,” Laura said. “I have written a couple of songs before but I have never heard them performed.”

Laura has also thanked staff at The Royal Marsden, Sutton, who treated her.

She said: “I consider myself so lucky to live in Sutton and to be on the doorstop of the Royal Marsden. I had a type of cancer they knew how to treat.

"The song is a combination of what happened. I have so many things to be grateful for. If I had not have got sick this would not be happening.

“I am blown away by the series of coincidences that have come from my illness.”

Tickets for the concert can be bought by emailing tickets@seraphimvoices.uk or can be collected at the door.