Sky’s brand new comedy series Sick Note has brought Lindsay Lohan and Don Johnson to Merton.

The first series, which started on Tuesday November 7, filmed in and around the borough where characters homes are in Cospe Hill, Cottenham Park Road and Berkeley Place with the police in the series pulling up one of the characters in Wool Road at the junction of Dunstall Road.

FilmFixer manages the film office for Merton Council. Its director Karen Everett said: “The settings in the series feel open and spacious, with characters driving cars about rather than taking the tube. It’s a great depiction of London life.

“ There was eight days of filming around Merton, including along Wimbledon High Street, in May last year. Generally the scenes needed a cast and crew of between 35 and 50.

“Largely you can tell this production had room to move in one of London’s outer boroughs. The second series, which stars Lindsay Lohan as Don Johnson’s daughter, came back to Merton and other outer boroughs like Bromley to film in summer this year.

She added: “ We like to recommend the outer boroughs to location managers as areas where, particularly for a series production, there’s plenty of room for parking, there’s ess congestion getting from one location to another and locals can be a little more patient.”