A kebab restaurant in Whitton has lost its late-night licence after hiring an illegal worker who has not had a valid visa since 2010.

On Thursday, September 7, immigration officers found the illegal Chinese worker in BBQ Kebab House in the High Street.

Upon inspecting his papers, officers found the worker had a Tier 4 student visa from 2009 which expired in 2010.

He was arrested and is currently “subject to deportation”.

The owner Deniz Candan was fined £7,000, which he paid, and will appeal the decision of the sub-committee which was held yesterday (November 7).

A spokesman for Richmond Council said: “Based on the evidence provided that the business had employed a person who didn’t have the right to work in the United Kingdom, it was determined that its Premises Licence to operate beyond 11pm would be revoked.

“The business owner will be entitled to appeal this decision and must do so within 21 days of publication of the decision notice.”