One in every 151 people in Sutton are homeless, according to housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

In total, 1339 people are either in temporary accommodation or are deemed to be in rough sleeping conditions.

That means Sutton has the 37th most amount of homeless people in all of England.

Chief executive of Shelter, Polly Neate said thousands were stuck trying to "escape the devastating trap of homelessness," pointing to "decades of failure" on building affordable homes and the effects of recent welfare cuts.

"Some will have spent the night shivering on a cold pavement, others crammed into a dingy, hostel room with their children," she said.

"And what is worse, many are simply unaccounted for."

In Sutton, 1,331 are currently living in temporary accommodation while eight are rough sleeping.

Asked what could be done about this, a spokesman for Sutton Council said: "Sutton Council has to strike a balance between placing homeless families far away, or more locally.

"The excessive cost of even the most basic accommodation would be better spent on increasing the supply of affordable rented homes.

"Changes to borrowing rules have allowed us to start work on an ambitious programme to build the first new council houses in nearly 30 years.

"Funding has been provided with borrowing from the (Housing Revenue Account and will see 93 new homes delivered across three sites – in Alcester Road, Wallington; Fellowes Road, Carshalton; and Richmond Green, Beddington."

The spokesman said "Sky-high" rents in London are unaffordable for people out of work or on low incomes.

"More and more families are facing eviction by private sector landlords," he said.

"Sutton is supporting an ever increasing number of homeless people, in common with councils across the country, especially in London.

"In April 2015, Sutton Council accommodated 280 homeless households. By April 2016, that figure stood at 411 and, as of this week, it has risen to 577 households."