The Richmond Liberal Democrats and the Green Party have agreed to form an electoral alliance, it has been claimed.

The pact was allegedly formalised between the parties at a Liberal Democrat membership meeting on November 2 at St Luke’s Church in Kew.

As a result, the Liberal Democrats may only be standing two councillors in some seats and supporting a green candidate in a third.

However, the leader of the Liberal Democrats denied a formal arrangement has been made.

He said: “Should an arrangement be suggested which would be beneficial to the borough as a whole then I think local residents would want us to look at that.

“Certainly I know they'd be keen to see conversations between likeminded parties about how we hold this chaotic Conservative party to account both locally and nationally.”

Co-chairwoman of the Richmond and Twickenham Green Party Monica Saunders confirmed the Greens have been working with the Liberal Democrats.

She said: “The Green Party will be fielding candidates in next year’s council election.

“We have been working with the Liberal Democrats in the borough on a number of issues, including campaigning to protect local fire services and for 20 mile per hour speed limits.

“Both the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats were praised by voters in the General Election in June and in last year’s Richmond Park by-election, for pursuing a more grown-up politics and coming together in the best interests of local constituents and the country.

“We will continue to talk to and work with the Liberal Democrats if it is in the best interests of the borough.”

The leader of Richmond Council Paul Hodgins described the move as a “sign of weakness”.

He said: “If they believe that political pacts are their only path to victory, it is an obvious sign of the weakness of their platforms, and their panic about a much strengthened Labour Party locally.

“Richmond Borough Conservatives are proud of our record locally, and we have an ambitious agenda to offer Richmond residents.

“We can confidently stand on our own two feet.”