From Indian classical music to hip hop, Turkish percussion to spoken word, musicians of all genres are set to showcase their skills this month

Croydon Composers has brought together a wide range of Croydon musicians to collaborate before they showcase their talents at the Colors Croydon International Mela in Wandle Park on September 30.

The ten artists were matched with each other to form five pairs of collaborators, each pair working together to create one composition.

Participants have been mentored and produced by award-winning composer, producer and musician Shri Sriram.

Mr Sriram said: “This project has provided a great opportunity for aspiring composers to be part of something really special, as it brings together musicians from different backgrounds and different genres, leaving a positive legacy of collaboration. It has also been a fantastic experience for me – the creativity, energy and commitment of these Croydon artists has been inspirational.”

They will also be appearing at Scream Lounge in South End, Croydon at 7.30pm on October 27.