The first day of school is a nerve-wracking rite of passage for every child and their parents but last week it was also a big day for the staff and governors too.

Banstead Prep School opened its doors for its first-ever day of term at its state-of-the-art facilities in Sutton Lane on Wednesday (September 6).

In a launch ceremony, the Mayor of Banstead, councillor Roger Newstead, cut a ribbon to officially open the school and the Banstead Prep flag was raised for the first time. Pupils also planted four trees to symbolise the growing together of the three predecessor schools into the new Banstead Prep School and every child and member of staff was presented with a founders badge.

Pupils and staff have enjoyed a series of ‘Get to Know You’ events during the first week, including a treasure hunt to help find their way around the new school, concluding with the first whole school photograph.

Talking to the pupils and their families, Miss Vicky Ellis, Headteacher said: “Coming to a new school can be nerve-wracking as well as exciting but we’re all in the same boat here as we’re all new. So we’re all going on this adventure together, starting today.

“Everyone starting here today will be a trail-blazer for the future of this school. In 100 years’ time, people will look back and ask to see photos of everyone who was here on Banstead Prep’s first day. They will talk about the traditions, habits and ethos of the school; how we do things, what’s important, how we learn. And what they will see will all have started in what everyone here does today, tomorrow and throughout their time here.

“Each one of our pupils is making history here. We’re beginning something new that will be here for generations to come”.

Parents were able to visit their children’s classrooms before the opening ceremony and see the transformation of the school site that has taken place over the holidays.

“Everyone had a smile on their faces this morning,” said one parent, with a child in the nursery, “and the school looks amazing.”