Back Heathrow has a new Executive director to carry its campaign forward in support of creating a new runway at Heathrow airport.

Parmjit Dhanda, who was raised in Southall, will be responsible for leading more than 100,00 residents, local businesses and community groups who support the Heathrow expansion.

The former Labour MP has pledged to campaign for the organisation's voices to be heard by Parliament and ensure that one of the most important issues in today’s debate goes forward.

The director said: “As someone who knows the Heathrow patch very well, I am delighted to lead this vital campaign.

“There are over 100,000 supporters who believe, as we do, in a bigger, better and more sustainable airport – so it is important that we have a good debate about it and get the positive points across.

“A third runway would create 77,000 new jobs in west London and Thames Valley and 180,000 jobs nationally.

“When I was growing up in the 70s and 80s unemployment was a huge issue and when I finished secondary school in Hayes so many of my mates could not find work so the proposition in the table is the eradication of unemployment in this part of the world which is hugely significant.

“I just think what that does for the community and for the economy would be incredible.”

The UK’s biggest airport, Heathrow is responsible for 78 per cent of all UK long-haul flights and connects the UK’s regions with developing markets.

“It would be a huge boost to British economy by about £211 billion,” added the former politician.

“I do understand and can relate to the arguments against the expansion but it is not the aircrafts which are causing pollution but cars and traffic on the ground.

“Since the 1970s the flights have doubled but the amount of people affected by noise has been reduced by 90 per cent so this is not something that should prevent the project going forward.

“There are huge opportunities opportunity for business and commerce but also for us as residents, as holidaymakers and jobs needed - I really do believe this is the right plan.”

Mr Dhanda joins the campaign in addition to his role as a trustee for several non-for-profit organisations involved in social housing, social care and community regeneration.

The former Hillingdon councillor said: “It is important that the environmental regulations which are agreed are kept to and we look at preventing an increase in traffic.

"The expansion comes as a wider project that we need to remember and changes and developments to public transport infrastructure serving Heathrow will help reduce pollution – which people are raising concerns about.

“There will be a new western rail access, better southern access, new access to Heathrow through Crossrail, improvements to the Piccadilly line and one of the biggest car-sharing projects in Europe.”

The new director expects the expansion to be complete by 2025 after parliament has voted on the new proposal this winter and full planning processes to follow.

“These things can take time, especially for the biggest privately funded infrastructure project in Europe.”

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