Pimm’s has easily been the tipple choice for the nation as they soak up the excitement of Britain’s most famous tennis competition.

To celebrate the drink’s long association with the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Pimm’s has become an official partner of the 2017 tournament.

And the fans at Wimbledon certainly do get through a lot of it - so what is it like to be one of the people signed up to sell it to the thirsty crowds?

Alex Illingworth, from the midlands, was back for her second year at the annual Championships after finishing at university.

Alex said: “Pimm’s is definitely the most popular drink – I think on the first day here we did 1500 cups of it – we are just so busy selling all the time with people wanting Pimm’s because it is the Wimbledon thing.

“However, you do get a lot of foreign people thinking it is beer and you have to explain to them that it is this sweet, fruity drinks and then most are like oh yes I will try some but then you do get other’s just opting for beer.

“I did it last year so I knew I would be on feet a lot but if I am free I will definitely come back last year because it is two-weeks booked in to earn money and I would be glued to the tennis anyway so it is just great to be here and a part of it.”

Another student, who was also getting involved in this year’s catering team to ensure thirsty Pimm’s drinkers were kept happy was Samuel Wood – a historian at Bristol University.

“So yes this is my first time here and well it is very relentless and very constant and very long hours but it is good and cool and I am happy to be a part of Wimbledon.

“Pimm’s is definitely the most popular drink here to begin with, on people’s first rounds, but then I think as the day goes on you see more people switching to beer – whether that is because it is cheaper, as the Pimm’s is quite expensive, or it gets too much I couldn’t say.

“However, I definitely think that for people who are here for the first time they really want Pimm’s because it is the experience and it’s the whole Wimbledon experience isn’t it.”