Chessington World of Adventures is opening their Go Ape attraction late throughout June, and encouraging children to wear their pyjamas while they use it.

For the 75 per cent of parents who struggle getting their children to bed more during the summer, the resort is suggesting an evening swinging through the trees might be the perfect thing to tire the little ones out.

According to the research, conducted on over 1,000 UK parents of children under 16, 11 per cent of parents find getting the children into pyjamas the most difficult part of the bedtime routine.

Tadhg Randall, from the Go Ape team at Chessington, said: "With three quarters of parents finding it more difficult to get their children to sleep in the summer, we thought June was the perfect time to tire little ones out in the treetops before they head to bed.

"We're encouraging parents to pop their kids in PJs before going on our high ropes, so they can tuck them straight into bed when they get home. We hope that by having Go Ape at Chessington open from 5pm until dusk we reduce the number of temper tantrums currently caused at bedtime!"

The attraction is open late until June 30, and tickets are £10 per person.

To find out more, visit, or to book call 01372 631 464.