A Sutton woman who began collecting Lego character cards for children involved in the Grenfell Tower fire has had to stop accepting donations after having an “amazing” response.

Not long after her idea became public, Sainsbury’s donated 2500 of the cards which feature all of the Lego characters.

Kayleigh Steptoe told Sutton Guardian: “I have had the most amazing response from so many people and I now have so many cards. I don’t want to take any more than what might be needed so if there is any left I will pass them on to the local hospitals.

“I’m so overwhelmed by the support from everyone.”

Kayleigh received over 30 messages with three stores offering to help.

Some boxes of the Lego cards and albums have already been delivered with Kayleigh adding that her postman will be busy next week too.

The idea was inspired by Kayleigh after her two children were enjoying collecting the Lego character cards.

She told Sutton Guardian last week: “You just want to help and you can donate money but there isn’t much children can do with that.

“Even if we can distract children for half an hour that will be worth it.”