Lidl is applying to redevelop an existing foodstore in Clapham- or is it Battersea?

On its website the supermarket giant has announced plans to redevelop their store at 141 Falcon Lane, which they say is in Clapham. It is, in fact, in Battersea.

In a Battersea Facebook group, one user commented: "So, got a postcard in the door this morning regarding Lidl’s proposed redevelopment of their store in Falcon Lane.

"It goes on to say 'benefits to Clapham'. How can they redevelop a store they are unaware of the location of?"

On the website it states: "Benefits to Clapham"

"The redevelopment of the Clapham Junction site will provide many benefits to the Town Centre and the local area."

A planning application, a summary of which is on the website, will soon be submitted to Wandsworth Council according to Lidl.

Your Local Guardian:

The redevelopment proposals include a basement and ground floor car park, a first floor accessed by a travelater and a larger sales floor and bakery.

Lidl has been contacted for comment.