A new waste services company in Croydon has been launched thanks to a helping hand from HSBC.

HSBC donated a ‘substantial six figure amount’ to the start-up company which opened earlier this year.

Able Waste Services Limitedon Imperial Way used part of the funding to buy a Trommel machine, which helps with separating waste and a new fleet of Lorries.

More than 30 new jobs have been created in the area, which also includes waste management, demolition and skip hire services to other parts of London.

Founder of Able Waste Services, Ilir Berisha said: “When I was originally employed as a builder, I noticed the increase in waste disposal costs.

"At first, I wanted to cut costs so I could pass savings onto my clients but then I realised I could make the waste disposal process more efficient and environmentally friendly.

With the financial support and professional assistance of HSBC, we have been able to develop a state-of-the-art waste management site which can process 150 tonnes of rubbish a day and remove 98 per cent of recyclable material.”

HSBC’s Area Director for Business Banking in South London, Lucy Wynn said: “We are delighted to see that Able Waste is now a strong provider for the community and has provided great employment opportunities in Croydon.

"Start-up businesses are incredibly important to our economy and provide a significant amount of new jobs each year.

"In the past five years, the amount of unemployed people in this country has dropped by over one million and the creation of new businesses certainly contributes towards this drop in unemployment.

"Able Waste acts as a further demonstration of HSBC’s continued commitment to start-up companies, with facilities available including finance workshops and fee-free banking.”