"Former” customers of a café in Earlsfield have launched a petition to bring back a sorely missed dish.

The petition, entitled “Bring 'Eggs in a pan' back to Mel’s”, laments the loss of a beloved breakfast option from Mel’s on Garratt Lane.

The petition currently has nine signatures.

Launched on April 27, comments on the page include: “What do we want? Eggs in Pan... When do want them? Now!!”

“Eggs in a pan must return! #freetheskillet”

“Get the eggs back where they belong!”

“What did you do with the pans? If they're laying around then there's no reason not to!!”

The Wandsworth Guardian spoke to the manager of Mel’s to get his take.

David Grant said: “It’s quite interesting but not exactly ground breaking. It’s nice to see that people really want it back though.

“If they get enough traction we would definitely consider it.”

The dish, of which there are three versions, consisted of baked eggs with potatoes in a pan.

Customers could choose additions such as spinach and cheese, chorizo and pepper, or bacon.

David told us they got rid of the dish last August as it was too “heavy” for the summer menu.

He added: “We haven’t changed the menu since.

“If they do manage to get it off the ground we could bring it back.”

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