A financial consultant who says his manager offered to perform a sex act on him if he hit his targets claims he was driven out of his job by a year-long bullying campaign.

Paul Elworthy, 45, told a tribunal he was bullied by senior colleague Simon Cox and forced out of his job at estate agency Your Move.

He also claimed his line manager Sarah Thompson, 51, offered to perform a sex act on him if he hit his targets during a drunken Christmas lunch in central London in 2013.

He claimed her offering him a "b*** job" if he made £180,000 and hit his target made him feel "very uncomfortable."

Ms Thompson, who works at the regional base in Chessington has denied making the remarks, and suggested he wanted her to perform the sex act.

In a witness statement, Mr Elworthy said: "I was subjected to an inappropriate sexual comment.

"I attended a senior consultants reward lunch on December 20, 2013.

"During that meeting Sarah Thompson stated that she would provide me with a b*** job if I reached £180,000 of banked income.

"This was said in the presence of a number of people.

"When Sarah Thompson made the sexual favour it made me feel very uncomfortable.”

Mr Elworthy, who worked in Eltham, before resigning in September 2015, says he did not report this alleged incident as it was his line manager he did not believe he would get a fair hearing.

Mr Elworthy also claims national financial services director Mr Cox led a campaign to bully him.

He claimed that during a disciplinary meeting in 2015 Mr Cox became very confrontational and he asked to stop the meeting.

Mr Elworthy added he was bullied out of the organisation and that staff were told they had to clean toilets.

He said: “We were forced to clean the toilets with the threat of losing our jobs if we did not.

"I found this very offensive as I had taken professional exams to become a financial consultant.

"I did not take exams to clean toilets. I was shocked when I received an email from my area manager stating that if we didn't do the cleaning then they would find people to replace us. I thought his was disgraceful and threatening.

"To date employees are still expected to clean the building.

"The company has breached my contract by making me do unreasonable duties."

Mr Elworthy, who worked at Your Move for 13 years, also claims the company made him travel into work whilst recovering from a knee operation, which caused it to become inflamed.

Your Move also forced employees to buy their own stationary and claim it back on expenses, the employment tribunal in Croydon was told.

The tribunal heard Mr Elworthy, from Sidcup, was given a written warning and made the subject of a disciplinary hearing after sending "rude and confrontational" emails.

Edward Legard, representing Your Move, said: "Despite being warned you continued to be rude and confrontational to senior management.

"Ms Thompson said she fears emailing you because she doesn't know how you are going to react.

"Isn't it a sad state of affairs that your own line manager appears to be afraid to email you?"

Mr Elworthy said: "I don't believe I have been rude but, if I had been, I would have apologised if someone feels they were unhappy with how I expressed myself.”

The claimant's constructive dismissal claim is based on what he believes to be the incorrect grievance process taken in 2015.

The hearing continues.