Meet Marvel super-dad Christopher Lee, who walks around as Spider-Man "to make his kids better parents".

Christopher, 42, dons the Spidey costume to do his weekly shop, go to church and pick up his sons, Christopher 5, and Xiong, 3 from school, complete with Spider-Man’s web super-spray.

The costume, which cost £22 from Amazon, started as a birthday surprise for his son three years ago in Orpington.

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The producer from Thornton Heath, who now wears the red and blue suit as tradition, said: “It all started for a birthday party and now I wear the costume two to three times a week. I get all kinds of crazy comments. I am fascinated by how people react to me.”

His partner Chantelle, a dental assistant, also dons her Spider-Woman costume, making the Spider-Man-crazy family complete.

She said: “I do it for the kids, because they are not going to be young forever. When we go out everyone looks and says that is it so brave to do, especially for their dad to do. We want to keep them young before the world takes them over. I wish my dad did it for me.”

Christopher added: “My childhood was messed up, I wear the costume to make my kids better parents. The kids love it because they have all different types of races shaking their hand. You don’t see race as Spider-Man.

"With Spiderman he is not black or white. He is red and blue, he has no colour.

"I will wear the costume for as long as they want me to.”

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