A “menace” who ran an illegal waste management business by flytipping across the borough and surrounding areas has been handed a suspended jailed sentence.

Ryan Smith, 36, admitted to three flytipping offences in Twickenham, another five offences in Staines and one offence in Redbridge when he appeared at Guildford Crown Court last month.

At Guildford Crown Court on Wednesday (February 15) he was given a ten-month jail sentence suspended for two years.

Smith was also ordered to pay Spelthorne borough £400 a month for a year and a half, totalling £7,000. If he fails to do so he will be jailed. He was also given 200 hours of unpaid community service

The court handed a criminal behaviour order, which will preclude him from working in the waste collection business for ten years, unless he gets a waste carrier licence from the Environment Agency (EA).

It is unlikely he will be granted a licence by the EA because of his conviction.

Finally, he will have to pay £600 to a Mr Hoare of Devon Road, Twickenham after he paid to have a pile of rubbish Smith had left taken away.

Smith collected waste for payment from commercial businesses in 2015, flytipping it in different spots, thereby dodging disposal costs.

Richmond Council’s cabinet member for environment, Councillor Pamela Fleming, said it was a case of "just desserts" for Smith after he dumped waste in the "beautiful" borough.

Cllr Fleming said: “Flytipping is a criminal offence and I hope this case sends a clear message to the small minority of people who choose to dispose of waste illegally and for illicit gain.”

Smith’s prolific flytipping was first reported by Twickenham residents in August 2015, and further reports surfaced the following month.

Throughout 2015 Smith was caught dumping rubbish illegally outside the borough.