A Crystals cheerleader is going for glory in the Miss England finals this weekend

Twenty-one-year-old Neesha Robinson has been busy since she won the Miss Afro Beauty title in April.

She has been catapulted into the modelling world, working in the UK and abroad on jobs including the Afro Hair and Beauty Live exhibition.

To add to her list of charitable work she held a Mauritian-themed charity fundraiser which raised hundreds of pounds for Miss World’s official charity Beauty with a Purpose.

And she has also presented for an open mic night.

But despite all this, she said she will still be nervous when she competes with various title holders from across the country at the finals in Torquay, from Saturday to Monday.

She said: “In the lead up to the finals I was really nervous but then the nerves turned to excitement.

“I’m a really bubbly person, but have a tendency to be quite shy however when I step onto the stage the performer comes out in me. I love performing it’s where my heart lies.”

Her aim in life is to empower other young people to go out and better themselves so they can embrace their full potential.

And when asked what she wants to do in the future she said: “I want to incorporate my experience in the arts, media, culture, sports and education.

“I have my sights set on working in government, I would love to help people internationally.”

She hopes being in Miss England will help her go on to fulfil her dreams, and she is wasting no time in doing so.

Your Local Guardian: Neesha Robinson is a member of The Crystals cheerleading squad

Neesha Robinson is a member of The Crystals cheerleading squad

In England, Neesha is a summer camp manager and she will soon be crossing the Atlantic to experience the American summer camp programme, during which she will be teaching children to dance.

And last year she got a place at Harvard University’s summer institute where she studied international law and musical theatre.

To follow her journey to the Miss England final and beyond, follow her on Twitter @neeshasiobhan