Lucy Blagg, from Lambeth, is taking part in the prestigious Channel Swim Relay this July to raise funds for Diabetes UK.

Lucy’s experience as a nurse at London Medical, a central London clinic with a special interest in the support and management of diabetes patients, was the inspiration behind her pledge to complete the famous crossing and raise a total of £10,000 for the charity.

28 year-old Lucy has been in intensive training for the event for over 12 months and will complete the 21 mile swim between Dover and Cap Griz Nez, France alongside her close friend Lauren and 4 other team mates.

Much of Lucy’s training has been possible through London’s renowned network of outdoor swimming venues including Tooting Lido, Brockwell Lido, Gospel Oak and the Serpentine.

Lucy comments, “After several years of swimming breaststroke 2-3 times a week in a nice, heated indoor pool, my friend Lauren and I were keen to move onto bigger challenges.

"However, little did we know that there is swimming and then there’s Channel swimming! Training for this has been physically and emotionally intense, but it has also been an incredible experience.

"We’ve certainly come a long way from our first training session in Dover over a year ago. Wearing knee-high boots and jeans, with our wetsuits slung over our handbags, we were told on arrival that no wetsuits were allowed to brace the -15°c water!

“Thankfully after a year of training, we’ve leant a lot and we’re ready to take on the swim. Working as a nurse at London Medical has given me a real insight into the difficulties faced by patients with diabetes, but has also educated me about how much can be achieved if the condition is well-managed.

"I see this as an opportunity to support the diabetic patients by raising great awareness and funds for the fantastic work that Diabetes UK do in helping to improve the lives of people with the condition.”