An ice cream claiming to give tasters both the sweats and the chills will be unveiled at a festival of food.

Specialist food company Bompas & Parr will unveil Tooth or Dare at Clapham Common Foodies Festival this weekend, claiming to combine hot and cold flavours.

The bizarre creation has been made in conjunction with tooth paste makers Colgate, who wanted a stimulating food stuff to test the strength of the company's latest product to tackle sensitive teeth.

Those looking to try Tooth or Dare will be encouraged to use a sample of the tooth paste first to protect them against the power of the unusual desert.

Ingredients such as erythritol, a cooling sugar alcohol and a szechuan button, a yellow flower bud that creates a strong tingling sensation are included alongside peppermint and a raspberry and chilli ripple.

Co-founder Harry Parr, said: "We had a lot of fun creating what is essentially a hot and cold ice cream. If your teeth can withstand our sensitising ice cream, they can withstand anything."

Bompass and Parr, set up their food design business which goes by the same name in 2007, originally making craft Jellies.


After Clapham the new ice cream will be showcased at Food Festivals around the country including in Battersea Park in late August.

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