Streatham is featured in a new Crime book '101 Interesting Facts on Britain's True Life Crimes'

32, Ambleside Avenue in Streatham is one of the most infamous houses in Streatham, and is the home of Britain's most famous Madame, Cynthia Payne (aka Madame Sin), who was born on Christmas Eve in 1932, Her fame started in 1978 when the Metropolitan police raided the house in 1978, and a Sex-Party was in full swing, many guests included Judges, Senior Police Officers and Magistrates. She was sent to prison in 1980 for 18 Months, only to be raided again in 1986 by the police.

Cynthia Payne still lives in the property even today, and can always be seen walking around the Streatham area, on many occassions I (The Author) have seen her in a well known local supermarket, as she pushes her four-wheeler shopping trolley, to this day her fame is known as The Madame who ran the "biggest disordely Brothel in British history". In 1992 I visited 'The House of Cyn' with my two nephews who wanted to see the 'Famous SW16 House' and we had a family party at the local St Leonard's church hall, in Streatham, although Cynthia was not home, we peeked through the letterbox to see the Judge's head at the bottom of her bannisters.

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Based on information supplied by Mike Gray.