Firefighters have warned residents to check their fire alarms after a family had to evacuate their house this morning following a freezer fire.

Two fire engines from Norbury went to Georgia Road at 4.50am today after a fire broke out in a utility room on the ground floor, believed to be caused by a freezer overheating.

Three people escaped from the house after one of them smelt the smoke from the fire.

Their fire alarm did not go off because it had a dead battery.

No one was injured and Norbury Crew Manager Mike Thomas said the fire was extinguished in a few minutes with the house sustaining some smoke damage.

He said: “No one was hurt and we were able to put the fire out quickly but this shows the importance of making sure you check your fire alarm batteries at least once a week.

“If they had not woken up and smelt the smoke then of course this could have been potentially much worse.”

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