My mother's first husband, Michael Counter, who lived in Balham, was the speed skating champion of the Great Britain 1939 - 1940.

Sadly Michael was killed in action in October 1941. He was a Pilot with the RAF and my mother and he had only been married for six weeks.

Your Local Guardian: Michael Counter was a member of Streatham Ice Club

Even though my mother remarried and had a family of which I am one, she often spoke of him and had kept a lot of memorabilia from Michael including the enclosed photograph and membership to the Streatham Ice Club (Streatham Ice Rink) where he had spent many hours practising.

I also went ice skating from the age of five in the 1950s with my own father and carried on into my late teenage years until I moved away from the area.

I did revisit the new Streatham Ice Rink a few weeks ago to see the new building and memories came flooding back.

The whole complex with the new Leisure Centre too is well worth a visit, the rink seems much bigger now and elevated from its original site, the staff were very friendly and showed me around and I left filled with happy memories.

Sadly I couldn't pluck up enough courage to go back on the ice now that I am 66 years old but as they say it is never too late.

By Carol Grimshaw Selsdon Surrey