Crystal Palace is getting ready to rumble this evening as they host an election Question Time.

The event is being hosted by the Crystal Palace Chamber of Commerce and will feature representatives from Crystal Palace’s five boroughs.

It will be chaired by Jonathan Croucher a former City law firm partner and current vicar of Christchurch Gipsy Hill.

Robert Gibson board member of the Chamber of Commerce said: “We expect the Park to again feature highly on the Question Time agenda, but also the funding shortfall for the Upper Norwood Library which serves all five boroughs.

“Local residents not only have been raising the issue of the library but also the shortage of school places and the closure of children’s centres.

“The Cinema is also sure to feature and issues like the housing crisis, traffic, parking, rubbish and the commemoration of the First World War are also expected to feature.”

Gibson added: “Obviously the logistics of hosting a Crystal Palace-wide local event are not straight forward with a potential of five boroughs, and a myriad of wards and parties.

“That said we are really pleased to have assembled a such formidable panel of committed local politicians and candidates.

“We also expect councillors and candidates of other parties to be in the audience and they will be able to participate in the debate from the floor.”

Croydon’s representatives will be Cllr Steve O’Connell of Kenley ward and Croydon’s GLA member and Cllr Pat Ryan of Upper Norwood.

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