English Heritage expects Ewell Court House, which is full of glorious wood panelling and historic details, to be restored to its former glory.

The organisation, which gave the historic mansion, in Ewell Court Avenue, a Grade II-listed status, said because the building is so well-used publicly and there are many photos to help inform the repairs, it expects Epsom Council to be able to restore it to its pre-fire state.

A spokesman said: "We are very sorry to hear about the fire damage to Ewell Court House.

"We have not been asked for any specific advice about the future of the building but from looking at initial photos, we believe it is likely that the building can be repaired.

"It is now important for the structure to be made safe and probably given a temporary roof to prevent further damage.

"Unless a listed building is so badly affected by fire such that it loses its historic significance we would expect it to be repaired appropriately to reflect its listed status."

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The interior of Ewell Court House.  Photo: Peter Reed

An Epsom Council spokesman said English Heritage has been contacted and that the council will work with it as necessary.

He confirmed that the house is insured and that a loss adjustor has been on site to start assessing the damage.

The council had been planning to carry out renovations in the library prior to handing it over to volunteers to  run.

The house, which was saved from becoming residential development in 2013 by the Ewell Court House Organisation, incorporates the traces of an earlier 17th Century house which lies at the heart of the building.

Your Local Guardian:

The interior of Ewell Court House.  Photo: Carol Hill