Drivers using Tolworth’s new Greenway to perform u-turns could be caught on camera.

Kingston Council has said it may install CCTV in Tolworth Broadway to catch drivers using the green path, designed for cyclists and pedestrians to share, as a short cut.

The cameras would operate alongside new traffic orders banning u-turns and some right turns.

Consultant Adam Lotun, of Knollmead, said: “Drivers are going to do that when they have the opportunity to do so.

“That should have been foreseen in an impact assessment.

“To try and protect from that there should have been cameras installed.”

Earlier this year Mr Lotun gave the Comet a guided tour of the Greenway from a wheelchair user’s perspective.

Conservative opposition member for sustainability Councillor Richard Hudson said: “I raised [the short cut issue] with council officers about four or five weeks ago.

“I’m not sure what the answer is.”

But he said that installing cameras would be like “going back to the days of the Stasi”.

He added: “Cameras can cost thousands to put in and thousands to manage. Where is the money going to come from?”

A Kingston Council spokesman said: “Traffic management orders will be in place soon banning right turns from Oakleigh Way and Tolworth Close. There are already ‘no right turn’ signs.

“The council is considering a traffic management order banning u-turns in Tolworth Broadway too.

“Monitoring and enforcement of banned traffic movements carried out initially by camera cars, and the council is considering installing fixed cameras in Tolworth Broadway.”