A new farmers market is open for business after it held its first market day on Saturday.

The market has been organised by the Crystal Palace Transition Town (CPTT) and will take place in Haynes Lane, Crystal Palace, 10am to 3pm.

The CPTT aims to create a more sustainable future for the area and residents believe the market will breathe new life into the area.

There are at least a dozen food stalls at the market with each stall handpicked to make sure they source food ethically.

There will also be a Patchwork Stall which encourages residents in the area to grow vegetables and sell it on the stall.

Karen Jones, who is one of the main driving forces behind the new market, said it is a worthwhile project.

"The idea is to start bringing more local food into our community and more sustainable food.

"We have invited farms from around London to come and sell their produce, as well as having local people selling their produce on the market."

Visit crystalpalacefoodmarket.co.uk for more information.

Your Local Guardian:

Alina, Anabella Keable and Rory Dethemple enjoying the market.


Your Local Guardian:

Brett and Bailey cake stall.

Your Local Guardian:

Susan Oliver and her Bees'N' Beanz stall