Time banded waste collections which could force residents to get up to put their rubbish out as early as 5am, or run the risk of being fined, are being proposed by Merton Council.

Under the scheme, residents would only be able to leave waste on the public highway for collection between the hours of 5pm and 6pm and 5am and 6am, or face a fixed penalty notice.

It’s hoped the move will "improve the cleanliness and overall street environment" by reducing the amount of time waste is left on the street for collection.

However with many working residents likely to arrive home from work after 6pm, there is concern over the scheme’s practicality which could instead force homeowners to get up as early as 5am to put out their waste.

A similar scheme was introduced in Wandsworth in 2009 but with timings ranging from 10am to noon and 10pm to midnight, or 9am to 11am and 9pm to 11pm.

A trial run is expected to take place in a defined area of Wimbledon Village and Wimbledon town centre from April, following a consultation process.

If successful the scheme could be rolled out to other town centres in Merton.

Councillor Mark Betteridge, cabinet member for performance and implementation, said: "Time banding will help improve the cleanliness of our streets and make our town centres more pleasant and attractive for all.

"We want to make Wimbledon a destination town centre for people to visit.

"I would encourage residents and local businesses in the proposed time banded area to feed back their views on the scheme to Merton so we can ensure all views are considered."

An informal consultation on the proposals will take place over the coming weeks when officers will be speaking to businesses and residents about the plans. 

To make your views known to Merton Council email WSGCorrespondence@merton.gov.uk

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