Eco-warriors are being challenged to be the most green in the land in the Zero Waste Challenge.

  • The challenge is to think twice before putting something in the bin
  • Many items can be recycled, repaired, reused or given away
  • Planning meals more carefully and using or freezing leftovers can cut food waste
  • Food that cannot be used can be composted or put through a food waste disposal unit

Proposed by the Western Riverside Authority and Waste Watch, the challenge encourages people to record all the waste they produce in a week and log it in a diary.

The most creative examples will be published online website and receive £100 to donate to a cause of their choice.

A spokesman for Waste Watch said: "This is the first year that we are launching this initiative. Our aim is to involve as many people as possible in the boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham, Lambeth, Wandsworth and Kensington & Chelsea.

"We want to show recycling can help both the community and ourselves."

Surveys published by Wrap (Working Together for a World without Waste) show that almost 30 per cent of household waste is food, with the average family throwing £480 of food away a year.

Wandsworth Council reported last year £2.8m were spent just to dispose of food wastage.

The spokesman said: "We are not only working with households, but we are collaborating also with schools, businesses and community groups.

"We hope that the published stories will inspire even more people to do the recycle."

The contest is open until the February 6. Visit for details.