Lambeth Volunteer Police Cadets facilitated crime prevention patrols at the Christmas Fair along the South Bank on December 15 and 16.

20 Lambeth Volunteer Police Cadets were deployed over the two days, with the aim to make the Christmas Fair safe and enjoyable for those attending.

Working between the London Eye and the National Film Theatre the cadets approached the public reminding those using high value electronic items, such as mobile phones and music devices, to be extra vigilant over their property for risk of potential thieves that may operate in the busy, tourist area.

The cadets also handed out crime prevention literature, tube/local area maps and stickers to young children. At one point of the day, using their skills around public order; Team Leader Amariah Watson assisted with a civil dispute between a hot dog seller and a customer who was burnt by flying hot coals.

The two day patrols were a massive success, giving the public advice and information on how to keep their valuables safe over the Christmas season.

Lambeth Cadet Hannah Longley said: “I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this. It was lovely to speak to the public in my uniform as a proud police cadet and to warn people about the use of their mobile phones.

People were happy to listen and were keen to take advice, which was all our unit could ask for. A great event and I would be happy to do it again.”

If you would like crime prevention advice on how to protect your valuables or would like more information on the Metropolitan Police Volunteer Cadets please visit our website Based on information supplied by Samantha.